About Artist Andrey Protasov

The Exclusive Reproductions are made from Unique Seria of paintings dedicated to Rome, that you can not buy, created by Artist from St.Petersburg, Andrey Protasov (graduated from the Academy of Arts of St.Petersburg).

Andrey Protasov was born in St. Petersburg on November 4, 1957.

As a child, he was a very versatile child, was engaged in fencing, hockey, had a youthful rank in chess, but most of all he liked to draw. At age 11, she became a laureate of the international children's art competition in Berlin, and was awarded the Luis Corvalan Prize. In the same year he entered the Johanson School of Art, finishes it and forever connects his life with art.

In 1979 he entered the Repin Academy of Arts, works in the workshop of V. Vetrogonsky and M. Gerasimov. During his studies with Protasov, his own vivid graphic language was formed. To work on a diploma, he travels to the Far East and lives on the island of Sakhalin for a year. So a series of graphic works dedicated to the small peoples of the Far East appears, receives a diploma and the title of artist.

In 1981, the beloved and only daughter Masha was born in a happy marriage.

In St. Petersburg, Andrey Protasov works at Aurora Publishing House as an illustrator, and at the same time participates in art exhibitions in Russia and abroad. In 88, he was a member of the Union of Free Artists of the Nevsky 20 Gallery. In the 90th year he accepted an invitation to the Netherlands for creative work and participation in exhibitions, studied the art of Dutch masters, worked in Amsterdam in the gallery of Russian art.

Made a number of works in monumental and decorative technology in the historic center of Amsterdam, travels a lot throughout Europe, lives and works in Germany. Finally, he receives an invitation to Italy to participate in the competition of monumental and decorative painting projects. Once in Rome, he falls in love with this city once and for all. Communicates and gets acquainted with the famous artists of Rome of the older generation Enio Calabria and Piero Dorazio. He studies the history of Renaissance art, makes copies from the originals of Renaissance masters. And it was in Rome that he began one of his main works - a series devoted to Russia - “Birches”. In this series, through the symbols, the eternal themes of being, movement and time, love of beautiful nature are revealed. The artist goes from an academic classical landscape to symbolism with elements of fantastic romanticism. This artistic device in the series “Birches” reflects not only the historical stages of Russia, but also the mystical and religious aspect - a symbol of purification and renewal, the birth of a new life.


Works of this seria participated in solo and collective exhibitions in Italy


2000 - 2002 Collective exhibitions:

Palazzo Barberini, Room of the Capitoline Wolf, Rome

Castel sant angelo, Rome

Municpio di roma, Rome

Reggio di Caserta "la terra ha bisogno degli uomini", Caserta

Palazzo Barberini, Julius Caesar Hall, Rome


Personal exhibitions:

Palazzo Ducale, Cosenza

Centro Culturale, Pisa

Galleria San Bernardo alle Terne, Rome

Gallery "Il Leone" Kazakhstan

“Athena Arte” Roma (the exhibition contains descendants of aristocratic families of Russia, Alsufiev, Buturlin, Galicia, Countess Contessa Fontana became one of the honorary purchasers of the painting)


2001 - collaboration with Devon Cinematografica, the use of landscapes in a feature film.

 2001 - 2004 teaches a course in portraits in the cultural association at Cassiopea Arte.


A deep study and comprehension of the history of art and architecture of ancient Rome leads to the appearance of two new series on one topic - the Great Rome.


In seria of graphic improvisations «Eternal Rome», where the viewer can find out the most memorable places of the city, the artist combines the past and the present, it is distinguished by a sharp impulsive rhythm and colorful harmony...


Andrey used to say: “My work is more a process than a result. It is always infinite. Any taken work, the master himself can continue, improve or vice versa, but is unlikely to be completely satisfied with yourself. ”

Having lived a very interesting and intense life in the most beautiful cities in the world, he suddenly died in Rome at the age of 61, shortly before the significant for him date, 40 years from the wedding day.


"Works of Andrey Protasov are not only the artist’s self-expression, they are part of his life, joy, gratitude, desire for eternal values ​​and love, which he wants to share with his audience and friends." (daughter Maria)

Critics by Francesco Ruggero Academy of fine arts of Rome about Seria “ROME” of Andrey Protasov

“the creation of two different series of works on the same theme by the master Protasov was accompanied by a deep study of the history of art and architecture in Rome.

In the series of works "Rome" dedicated to Rome, where the spectator can visit the memorable places of the Eternal City, the artist combines the past with the impulsive rhythm of the present in harmony of colors.

 Stupor Mundi of Protasov is understandable, catapulted into a new hieroglyph containing the key to unraveling the innumerable mysteries of the past, present and future.

A multidimensional key to the stairs of the treasures of wisdom, which overcomes the gravity of light and becomes a different dimension.

Protasov found this key with equanimity.

He contaminated the visible and the invisible in his vivid and immanent studies, giving shape and figurative essence to an intangible existence, immersing himself in his internal multidimensionality and adopting his own compositional system, between the wisdom of plastic construction and natural charm, restoring unpublished revelations and new intuitions to Romano, using intense chromatism, full of light, magically guides us through the horizons of elevation with fabulous paintings and sun hypnotic impressions and references to Kandinsky and Chagall”